Saturday, March 19, 2011

There will be a BIG moon in the sky tonight.

Extreme Super Moon To Cause Chaos

I can do without the chaos but I am hoping the moon will inspire me to write something beautiful tonight.

In the past, I've writen a few poems mentioning the moon in it. I share with you one of my favorites entitled Tomorrow


Venus aligned with Jupiter
The condition of the dark night
A mixture of labdanum and myrrh
Consumes the lark hike
Our planet, grandiose and insisting
Sits on time's couch and grins
loneliness not worth resisting
If such a thing happens
An amazing occurrence now
once in lifetime soon
The calf shown on the cow
As it jumped over the moon


I have been on this planet for a long long time
something about a June moon is so lovely to fondle
this destination can be wonderful and kind
I am wicked and wild, but still fragile
Sex on this planet is an expression jubilee
it is a period at the end of an exotic sentence
the journey is long and lonely
transgressions of a statutory offense
This planet's sun is a moon discussed
My faith is in the minstrel show
I am keeping my eyes focused
when you love me tomorrow

© 2003

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Crazy Leprechaun

I met a crazy leprechaun
who didn't want his gold
He was puffing on a pipe
and said he was 400 years old

I don't believe in four leaf clovers
They bring me bad luck
And if I see any more of those lucky charms
I will pluck, pluck pluck!

I thought he was a madman
After hearing what he said
I asked him if leprechauns still gave wishes
That's when his face got red

I don't grant wishes anymore
So don't ask me none
But then he changed his mind
And said I could ask for one

I said I'd like to leave this place
And be richer than when I came
he was gone
Only his hat and the gold remained

copyright © 2001 Mari

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

 Forget It logo

Find Yourself logo
Update: The story behind the above is that in a dream, I saw this woman saying "Find yourself or forget it". She was kinda out of focus, like it would look if you were in between channels on tv. I'm not 100% sure what she was talking about but I assume she was talking about me, lol. I drew a crude sketch of a woman (I'm not that great at faces) and the words. I'm still working on the face and how I can use what she said in a design or something else.

Meanwhile, here are some other items from Spreadshirt Marketplace.
I have put some of my artwork on t-shirts and buttons there.

Forget It t-shirt.
"Forget It" on the front, "Forgotten" on the back

Junior's Ringer T-Shirt - Junior's Tees Forget It

Children's tshirt

Children's T-Shirt - Kids' Shirts Parrot

Forget It Button

Small Buttons - Buttons Forget It Button

Saturday, March 12, 2011

are you a bursting bubble or a bubble bursting?

this is the tale of two bubbles
the tale of two troubles

for we are all bubbles
thin skinned and fragile
some quick and agile
a short life span
a marvel of man


are you a bursting bubble?
you lived your life silently filled
with so much promise
but also sadness and disgust
at your slow rise to the top
and alone you will pop


are you a bubble bursting
with life, brilliant, thirsting
for resiliency, glistening in the sunlight?
everyone admires you, ignoring your plight
that you are a bubble and won’t last long
you are revered, you finish strong…

before you pop
at the top

this is the tale of two bubbles
their essence doubles

in the stratosphere

Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm interested in exploring someone else's sky

Someone else's sky
always looks better than mine

Mine are filled with
dark clouds and thunderstorms

I look at your sky
and there's a bright horizon
The sun tickles your smile
as you fly there

I press my hands up
against my dark clouds
I rub my cheek against
its roughness

I don't want to go there