Friday, April 29, 2011

I couldn't help myself. I got up looking at the Royal Wedding stuff on tv. It was so fairytale-ish; I love that kind of stuff, lol. When my son was around three years old, I use to call him Prince James. I even wrote a children's poem based on our banter.

So while my son & I were watching the Royal Wedding this morning before school, I called him Prince James. I told him he was a prince and this (waving my hand around the room) "is your kingdom." He asked me "where is my throne?" I pointed to the toilet and said, "there it is." He said, "This is a crappy kingdom." LOL

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For me,
love is an illusion

A fleeting ship on the horizon

I'm in a
small raft in the middle of
a black sea

Sharks are all around me
I mistake one of them
for love

He bites me
but he was only tasting

My wound is deep

"Save One's Self"

My vessel is filling up
with my own blood

I am dying

Love's dispatch
may not make it in time

my gaze becomes fixed upon
the horizon

How beautiful is the sun's
on its dark companion

Monday, April 25, 2011

I watched several episodes of Dr. Who this weekend & liked it. I faintly remember Dr Who as a quirky British show that I never understood on PBS when I was a child.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pink Nail Polish

I'm so sick of the J.Crew pink nail polish ad. I don't even like pink nail polish! lol. I threw in the Princess Boy mother cause I'm sick of her too. She was on the today show promoting the pink nail polish ad. wtf! I know she is trying to promote her book & her ideology but come on! I'm fed up. I think all of us who have kids has had our kids play dress up but we're not plastering the picture all over the internet & writing a book about it. It's like naming your son Betty: he's gonna pay for it later with his peers. Why make it harder on our kids than it already is!

Anyway, I wrote a comment on the Today show site, TODAYMoms:

"The ad doesn't bother us; it's the media coverage of the ad that does. We don't know what Jenna is thinking of or if her kid likes to wear pink polish. It's an ad. Maybe it's just that: an ad. BUT why put that statement in an ad unless u want to cause controversy? In that case, I'm sick of people trying to push their idologies on us, the public, & then complaining when we don't side with them. This includes the Princess Boy mother. Kids have enuf problems in this world. Think about what you're doing to your kid. Did your kid ask to be the subject of your ideology? You could be inviting bullying that never would of occured because you put pink nail polish on his toes and plastered his picture on the internet & a million-and-one newspapers. Or wrote a book about him wearing a dress as a child."

Friday, April 08, 2011

Is There Something You Want To Tell Me?

I saw the sadness in your eyes
Is this the part where the hero dies?

I miss you

Is there something that you want to tell me?
What is the other part of the story?

I love you

Tell me the lessons to be learned
Is there any one stone left unturned?
Our love runs deep; I knew from the start
But now we must live our lives far apart

How can you find your true love after he's gone?
It's not fair, tell me am I wrong?

I love you

There is something to tell me? Fine!
You will tell me in due time
There is something I want to say
I miss you... every day