Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Love Life and Laugh Alot!

I love you. Three words that can start a fire.

Inspiration is felt stronger in the morning.

If you think today was good, wait until tomorrow.

A dash of life is never enough.

He was shallow when he went off the deep end, ending a life long obsession with water.

Make her kindness your weakness.

You're the best cure I've ever invented.

If I didn't know I was living this life, I would swear I was looking at a movie.

Do more for LOVE today than yourself.

Let's meet at the intersection of Love and Understanding.


Through the Storm

But I got you baby
forever and a day
Throughout the year

Men have set fire
to ropes of danger
Trapped behind doors,
burned to the core
But I got you
to keep me true
Through the storm


He turned his thoughts into parachutes,
little words that lifted people up.
He thought of life as less dense,
like lemonade in a coffee cup


Soon is not soon enough/ when it comes to seeing you. Tough/ when it comes down to this/ It's you everyday I miss


Fail's request / seen on a 20 x 20 screen / not conducive to / entertainment's behest


The ocean is full of love. Love has done it's part. The sky is full of forgiveness. And love is in my heart.