Sunday, April 29, 2012

To Be Human

We found him at the corner of Crabhead & Dead
a mere mortal
pretending to be something he's not:

Forget the disheveled look,
the aloof stare,
quality scars seemingly showing

He just did not look
He would be spotted
a mile away
and would not make it past the
Alzores and surly not past
the graveyard

we took him with us
risking life and limb
His of course

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Separate yourself from distractions that prohibit you from getting your job done.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Mutilated Mind

What happens to the mutilated mind?
What will we find?

Is it like a sundried flower
A hint of fragrance, no power?

Easily blown by the sweetest wind
Tossed by nature, crushed by men?

Or is it a shell more shattered than most
An unfulfilled dream, an empty host?

It spoke to me directly one fine day
In a small voice, this is what it had to say:

I know you think I am damaged beyond repair
Not settling on one thought, going here and there

I'm not a vessel that appears to be lost
I am a hidden sundry but valuable in cost

Tucked away in the lining of a skeletal purse
I don't need a doctor, I don't need a nurse

What I need is to be consoled; I need love
Grace, compassion and strength from above

Then out of creative darkness, you will see
I am mutilated no more, I am free