Monday, August 25, 2014

The Tale of the Sad Sad Clown

Once there was a sad sad clown
Moving in and about our little town
No one knew from whence he came
Or even what was his name

The children liked him, he made them smile
He entertained them for quite a while
On Saturdays, on Sundays, even on Wednesday night
He was a class act, always polite

One day, he didn't show up for a scheduled event
People were mad for the money they spent
They stomped, they snorted, they cursed him with venom
Forgetting all the good deeds and the smiles he left wit 'em

But the sad sad clown had all but disappeared
The only thing left was one small tear
Left on a desk located in the corner of his room
When it fell from his eyes, no one heard the 'boom'

See, the sad sad clown cried every night
He cried for pause, he cried for plight
Sadness was not just his mask but his facade
He felt sadness with every pleasant nod
he gave when passing townspeople in the streets
They never saw the tears that ran down his cheeks
Cause the 'boom' was silent; tears are not TNT
He filled their hearts while his remained empty

So let down the barrier; don't hide behind a facade
Let the love you put forth be a lightning rod
Cause no one can hear the boom if you close your windows and doors
Love is a kitten that purrs but it is also a lion that roars.

© 2014 by Mari