Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Beautiful Gem

A beautiful gem was found by the Princess
Purple and blue, it must be priceless
But when she had it appraised
She came out quite dazed
Precious, it was not
What she got
was fee


Sheer bliss
turned to horror
Our lil Princess explorer
must now obliterate the crowd
who cheer her, elated and proud
She shouted loudly and not so regal
"T'was not a gem but a scarab beetle!"

©2014 Mari

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

But what would I wear?

4:00 wallow in self pity
4:30 stare into the abyss
5:00 solve world hunger...tell no one
5:30 Jazzercise
6:30 dinner with me...I can't cancel that again
7:00 wrestle with my self-loathing...

I'm booked.

Of course, if I bump the loathing to 9,
I could still be done in time to lay in bed,
stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness.

But what would I wear? ~ ‪The Grinch‬

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Is The American Dream Attainable?

Is the American Dream attainable?

Yes the American dream is attainable in my opinion.

Now it all depends on what YOUR view of the American Dream is, how hard you are willing to work to attain it and what you are willing to do to attain it.

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness." ~Napoleon Hill

The key word is dream. A lot of us have a dream but it's not our dream. It's a dream we see on tv. Of course there are a lot of constraints put on the "dream" by the environment, our surroundings, no money, where we come from, etc etc etc. There are a lot of people out there that you look at them and you think, "oh wow yeah, they're rich... beautiful... got a big house. They got it all, they are living the American Dream." Then you hear about them committing a little white collar crime or committing a heinous crime or even committing suicide. So this was their American Dream? Be careful what you ask for and what you also seek. Not to get preachy on you but the Bible says:

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." ~Matt 6:33

That verse doesn't just mean go to church... read the Bible... get 'saved'. God is Love, so seek some LOVE first in your life, if it's nothing more than self love. Cause it's my true belief that if you love yourself, you can't help but show others love.

So if you're having trouble achieving the 'American Dream', you might ask yourself, "What is your soul searching for, what were you put on this earth to do?" Then maybe THAT should be your American Dream.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Tale of the Sad Sad Clown

Once there was a sad sad clown
Moving in and about our little town
No one knew from whence he came
Or even what was his name

The children liked him, he made them smile
He entertained them for quite a while
On Saturdays, on Sundays, even on Wednesday night
He was a class act, always polite

One day, he didn't show up for a scheduled event
People were mad for the money they spent
They stomped, they snorted, they cursed him with venom
Forgetting all the good deeds and the smiles he left wit 'em

But the sad sad clown had all but disappeared
The only thing left was one small tear
Left on a desk located in the corner of his room
When it fell from his eyes, no one heard the 'boom'

See, the sad sad clown cried every night
He cried for pause, he cried for plight
Sadness was not just his mask but his facade
He felt sadness with every pleasant nod
he gave when passing townspeople in the streets
They never saw the tears that ran down his cheeks
Cause the 'boom' was silent; tears are not TNT
He filled their hearts while his remained empty

So let down the barrier; don't hide behind a facade
Let the love you put forth be a lightning rod
Cause no one can hear the boom if you close your windows and doors
Love is a kitten that purrs but it is also a lion that roars.

© 2014 by Mari

Thursday, June 26, 2014


an obtuse purpose
life's conductor
do not cower
in the branches of the cypress
early missteps
of a moccasined soul
no one to extol
No last minute preps

everyone must exit
goods bought at the grocer
by the old grandmother
the parrot, the owlet
the plain figure
from birth to death
vacuum's breath
Eternal pending pasture

© 2001 by Mari

Sunday, June 22, 2014

When 5 Years Equals None

Tears, despair yet love, peace --not fair
In front of red curtains, you were alive
No matter how I calculate
It was yesterday but they tell me it was 5

You slipped away. This is the 5th year
But to me it’s not been that long
I hear your sweet voice in my ear
And when I play your song

You tuck me into bed at night
As I lay my head upon your chest
Sweet dreams fill my head’s voided space
In you I wake up feeling blessed

You catch my tears and wipe them away
When they fall upon my cheek
Someone gone for 5 years
Should not still make me weep

I saw you dancing, laughing the other day
Right in front of my eyes
Surely if you knew you were leaving
You would of said good-byes

I thought I heard you call my name
When I walked among your stars
Your life flashed by in pictures
Your songs whizz by from passing cars

People do your moves but not like you
They give you flowers and say you’re gone
I’ve always said you were a gift from God
A messenger, a virtuoso, the dew in the morn’

Now happy times and thoughts fill my heart
Your pleasant laugh, your sparkle, your humor
Your genius, your dance, your style
To say you’re not on this earth? It must be a rumor

Time is timeless. A measure for things for this earth
We are always keeping track of items, from death to birth
I can’t fathom this; measuring how long you've been gone
In… out, right… wrong, here now, leaving me all alone

Five years? No, don’t say it
Your footprint upon this earth is still fresh
I still hear you sigh. I still hear your finger snaps
I still feel your spirit and mine intermeshed

Like brides in anticipation, we lit our wicks
When we heard you proclaim, “This is it”
But your voice and ours cannot be heard together any more
It all changed; but our beacon remains lit

Because 5 years is not enough time
To separate me from what’s in my heart
Our love, our spiritual love
It will never part

Yet it seems so unfair to have despair
When in front of those red curtains, you were alive
No matter how I calculate
It was yesterday wasn’t it? But they tell me it was 5

© 2014 Mari

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It Was Nice

This time was no different. Daddy always brought me home a present from his trip to
America. This time it was a bird. I named him Redhead. He looked around and sang a little bird tune.

It was nice.

But I preferred hearing my favorite song, Buffalo Moon, and played it every
night before drifting off to sleep. I fed Redhead seeds and berries.
I even taught him how to eat right out of my hand.

Daddy said that was neat.


Mona yelled upstairs for me to go to bed. I put my book in the nightstand
drawer and turned out the light. I laid motionless in my bed, engulfed in darkness. That is when
I found out Redhead could sing my favorite tune.

It was really cool.


It was neat, it was nice and it was cool!

I'm talking about walking up the stairs to my room, finding it had been tidied and realizing now I didn't
have to do it. The rugs had been beaten, the floor had been swept and my books and records had been
stacked neatly on the table. Mona had even left the window open to bring in some fresh air from the bay.
I inhaled, sighed, jumped spread eagle on my bed and closed my eyes.

But it was still noisy.

I looked over at Redhead. His methodical singing seemed to beckon me. He must be hungry. I gathered his
food and laid it on the bed while I opened the cage door. Redhead rushed through the open cage door past
my frantic grasps and perched briefly on the window stool of the open window. He looked back and then
flew out the window.

It was goodbye.


Daddy is on a trip again to America. I wonder what he will bring me.

Some nights right before I drift off to sleep, I can hear a song playing outside in the distance among the trees.
I always hum along because I know that song.

It is Buffalo Moon.

© 2011 by Mari


Doing something to get love back in return is not necessarily wrong
It's human nature as so eloquently sung in that beautiful song
Nobody wants to feel hate when they do something for someone
That feels like walking down a lonely road devoid of the sun
For there are millions humans out there who have not mastered the way
that to get love, you have to give love each and every day
That makes love reciprocative and an important task not to miss
It's a highway, a two-way street and a thoroughfare to bliss

© 2014 by Mari

Monday, May 12, 2014

Find Your Compass in Compassion

Compassion of the
Ordinary kind is not
Myopic in thought
Perhaps it is
A wandering light
Sought by those whose
Soul needs love's embrace

© 2014 by Mari

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Missing Love

Hello my love
How are you today?

Hello my love
Can I help in any way?

To ease the pain of lost time
To show you how that love divine
Will conquer all the thorns you feel
And help your soul and spirit to heal
Embrace life and play in its garden
And as you heart loosens, not to harden
Ever again, I say from above
You CAN enjoy happiness, my precious love

Copyright © 2000 by Mari

Monday, April 21, 2014

Methuselah (Oh wise and beautiful tree!)

Oh wise and beautiful tree
What wondrous sights you have seen
I wish I could tap into your knowledge
Your eagle eye of the world
Your prophetic embrace would comfort me
and expand my understanding
of a world gone wrong at times

Oh wise and beautiful tree
When did we go astray
I see where the blue meets the blue
When the sun cracks through
and all God’s beauty extends from sea
to shining sea
But something’s happened in between

Oh wise and beautiful tree
Why is there turmoil
in the soil across the land
It grows down the trunks of the pine
like fingers feeling its way through the earth
grabbing and twisting
Choking life

Oh wise and beautiful tree
Where is the faith
And how far is it to it’s well
We need to drink. It is love’s elixir
Love lost is time quenched
The seeds are scattered on the ground
not taking root. Or not germinating… fast enough

Oh wise and beautiful tree
How can we fix this
before it’s too late. Is it too late
Stationary as you might be
The answer must lie somewhere within your tree
As your tender leaf falls into my hand
Is the future simply up to my generation as you say?

© 2014 Mari

Sunday, April 06, 2014

I Love You Though You're Gone

I saw the sadness in your eyes
Is this the part where the hero dies?

I miss you

Is there something that you want to tell me?
What is the other part of the story?

I love you

Tell me the lessons to be learned
Is there any one stone left unturned?
Our love runs deep; I knew from the start
But now we must live our lives far apart

How can you find your true love after he's gone?
It's not fair, tell me am I wrong?

I love you

There is something to tell me? Fine!
You will tell me in due time
There is something I want to say
I miss you... every day

© 2011 Mari

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Moonlight's Dance

Dancing in the moonlight
bathed in its beauty
only we can hear the music
of its celestial glow

The freedom of the moonlight
perpetrates instant
feelings of a euphoric
tantric sensual release

Moonlight snaps, groans
howls and trembles
a visual party of the senses
only chanted from a higher plane

Moonlight laughter heard
by the indigenous milieu
goosebumps cold chills
bliss all felt at the same time


A sigh from the moonlight
She is tired of our worship of her
but we have only quietly begun and
make plans to return to her domain


Sunday, March 30, 2014


Check out this dream
from the other day
In the middle of a wheat field
sitting in a sleigh

Exotic birds lifted it
straight into the air
All I could think of
was to say the Lord's Prayer

A penguin who was there
said, “How much you got?
Cause a ride like this
almost can’t be bought!”

But when the parrot said,
"The wages of sin is death!"
I screamed and jumped out
holding my breath

Right away I realized
I shouldn't have done that
Because when I land,
there’ll be an awful splat

But to my surprise
as I got closer to the ground
a crack opened up
and I continued to fall down

Pass rocks and magma,
I could feel the heat
I had on some lovely shoes
that were melting on my feet!

But like most falling dreams,
I woke up before I hit bottom
I was entangled in my blanket
and the room was cool as Autumn

I laughed at this little dream
and its omens of doom
The only thing I can't explain
are the feathers in my room

© 2010 by Mari

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

See the Sunrise

Good morning Sunrise!

Time to take your abandonment
and your betrayal
and advance toward
the obstruction,
the dejection

Engrave your benevolent
and spirited strength,
ordaining rejuvenation
and inspiration
on my clouded

After an eternity of slumber,
the nocturnal dreamer
finds it hard to divide
and conquer
the bright rays
of your defense

© 2001 by Mari

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Snowman Is Melting!

The snowman is melting
Joyfully belting
are his competitors on the scene

Cheer and jubilation
at his indignation
YES! Finally spring is near

Each drop from his brow
as he takes his last bow
Adults giggle and dance with glee

We’re tired of salt
and for being at fault
For not moving to that warm climate, you see

So let the snowman melt
for we kicketh his pelt
His pain is our jubilee!

© 2014 by Mari

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Sunday. Not just the first
day of a week of woe or
fidgeting deadlines. Success stress.
Woe makes life’s view narrow.
But it’s a peaceful moment in time
when you wake up and hear the stillness
of nature. The distant echoes of the past.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

A New Year

A New Year

A new year brings winning
A re-start, a new beginning
So take life's offering of renewal
As a second chance, a "get it" fuel
Continue to LOVE -- that is tried and true
Enjoy this year. Health and Happiness to you!