Thursday, October 28, 2010

I just LOVE the books and most of the versions of The Little Prince. Last night I watched The Little Prince on the Ovation channel. I had almost forgot that years ago when I first saw Moonwalker, some of the concept of it, like Michael catching a ride on the comet/shooting star, reminded me of the story of the Little Prince. But the dancing too, namely of the great Bob Fosse, the dude who plays the snake, reminds me of Michael. Or rather visa versa since Fosse was first. See the YT vid below. I just love it! Check out the spats and the hat. There's a hip movement and a finger twirl in there too.

I ALWAYS felt that Michael was a fan of the Little Prince stories. MJ of course took what he learned to another level. He did say, "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work."

Monday, October 18, 2010


For your reading pleasure I'd like to share with you a little poem I wrote several years ago about a little bat encountered I had. I named the bat, Obtuse. Enjoy!

Obtuse, the Little Bat

the little bat
who came to roost
outside my bedroom window
of all the havoc he caused
and how dare
he de-beautify my colonial-style home

out my window all day long
and seeking
a way I could remove him from the premises

obtuse and unaware
the little bat
is still there
even after a restless night on my posturepedic mattress

YES! I dreamed the little bat bit me
and was scheming
to turn me into the obtuse creature he was

the dream as an eerie reality
this bat will be banished from my mind in the morning


in the early morning

when everyone

had gone about their duties, I..


the outside window frame with water
the bat's reaction, delayed
he flew, slowly meandering down to the ground

in getting the bat from my window frame
I suddenly felt the want
to go shopping and buy my mind at ease

I realized that the little bat was gone
and I was learning
that he was not a shrewd mammal like me

copyright © 2007 by Mari

Thursday, October 07, 2010

"without my freedom to express myself thru the medium of writing - I would be dead 2 the world. what a wonderful thing to have - freedom"

That is what I tweeted a few minutes ago. Now that's a first. Usually I blog then post a link in twitter. But I did the old switcharoo today LOL!