Sunday, March 30, 2014


Check out this dream
from the other day
In the middle of a wheat field
sitting in a sleigh

Exotic birds lifted it
straight into the air
All I could think of
was to say the Lord's Prayer

A penguin who was there
said, “How much you got?
Cause a ride like this
almost can’t be bought!”

But when the parrot said,
"The wages of sin is death!"
I screamed and jumped out
holding my breath

Right away I realized
I shouldn't have done that
Because when I land,
there’ll be an awful splat

But to my surprise
as I got closer to the ground
a crack opened up
and I continued to fall down

Pass rocks and magma,
I could feel the heat
I had on some lovely shoes
that were melting on my feet!

But like most falling dreams,
I woke up before I hit bottom
I was entangled in my blanket
and the room was cool as Autumn

I laughed at this little dream
and its omens of doom
The only thing I can't explain
are the feathers in my room

© 2010 by Mari

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

See the Sunrise

Good morning Sunrise!

Time to take your abandonment
and your betrayal
and advance toward
the obstruction,
the dejection

Engrave your benevolent
and spirited strength,
ordaining rejuvenation
and inspiration
on my clouded

After an eternity of slumber,
the nocturnal dreamer
finds it hard to divide
and conquer
the bright rays
of your defense

© 2001 by Mari

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Snowman Is Melting!

The snowman is melting
Joyfully belting
are his competitors on the scene

Cheer and jubilation
at his indignation
YES! Finally spring is near

Each drop from his brow
as he takes his last bow
Adults giggle and dance with glee

We’re tired of salt
and for being at fault
For not moving to that warm climate, you see

So let the snowman melt
for we kicketh his pelt
His pain is our jubilee!

© 2014 by Mari