Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Song In My Heart!

Today has been a great day so far. I finally wrote down some notes of this movie that's been going on in my head for the past couple of days. I'm going to see if I can work it into something else I am writing. I was excited because in the midst of writing, a song pushed it's way to the forefront of my mind. I just went to a new page and started writing down the words. I love when that happens! damn I wish I knew how to write down the melody in my head. Here's a couple of the verses of the song I entitled Some How :

When I believe it
I can receive it
And I take my eyes toward the sky
No one can stop me
Your love won’t drop me
And in my heart I know the reason why

You are the one that sets my life on fire
You are the one that gives me that intense desire
You are the one I’ve always dreamed of
You are the perfect fit, a hand to glove.

whatcha think? more to come...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson Death Tape Revealed

This part in the article made me so so sad:

The voice is heard saying: "Patient is Michael Jackson, the pop star singer. No pulse, no breathing. Unresponsive. Tried to resuscitate him. Unsuccessful. We've done everything we can. We should be there in five minutes. It doesn't look good. It doesn't look good."

This only confirms that Murray knew MJ was dead.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

He’s Tiger Woods, but he’s also Michael Jackson

When I first read the above article by Jason Whitlock this morning it pissed me off! I thought, "What? Is this dude just trying to start a fight?" This is a SPORTS article written by a sports writer. Why is Michael Jackson even mentioned in it? He couldn't find a tragic sports figure that has fallen from grace? It's fashionable to put down Michael Jackson right now to enhance your article it seemes. Maybe I'm wrong but isn't it a long stretch to compare Tiger Woods to Michael? On top of that, it's a downright insult! The article is well written and I can see how he probably made a little chart and wrote out his similarities but come on! It reminds me of a stupid high school paper where you have to write a comparison paper and pick two different subjects and show how they are similar. I can write a paper on brocolli and asparagus but they are not the same vegetable. Michael was accused of a crime that he didn't commit. The LA DA hounded him for over 10 years and tried to send him to jail on bogus charges. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, commited a moral and personal crime against his wife, family and his precious repetition. There is no jail time required for what Tiger did. But as I thought about this article, I started thinking. Maybe there are some similarities. They are trying to crucify Tiger Woods in the media similarly to how they crucified Michael. The problem with Mr. Whitlock's article is that if u think about something long enough, you can come up with something any two things have in common. If you think about brocolli and asparagus, you can come up with the fact that they are both green and vegetables. We know for sure that Michael experienced much much more hate from the media and for a longer period of time than Tiger will ever experience. Tiger's problem with the media just started, i.e., it's an unfair comparison. Tiger has got to live a long time to get to the level of hate that was given to Michael.