Monday, January 02, 2006


I just looked on CNN and saw my former home state suffering from wild fires because of draught conditions. I remember several times driving on a highway with grass fires on each side. Somewhat scary. Such a contrast that they are dry and having fires, while here we are experiencing rain and a forecast of snow and sleet.

Hope all had a wonderful Christmas. Have you looked at the mall parking lots? Someone needs to tell those people that Christmas is over, STOP SHOPPING! How many packages of bows and Christmas wrapping paper do you need for next Christmas?

Oh Happy New Year, btw. Here's a little ditty I jotted down recently:

I'll exclaim
Wishing all love fortune and fame
for me, I'm staying away
from resolutions
Maybe I should work on some solutions
to a few questions I have...

Why do I procrastinate?
why come I am always late?
Why do I turn left, not right?
will I be able to sell anything I write?
Why do I always stay too long?
will I ever find a place to belong?

Take time to reflect, don't forget to care
Pray for peace, people, everywhere