Saturday, April 26, 2014

Missing Love

Hello my love
How are you today?

Hello my love
Can I help in any way?

To ease the pain of lost time
To show you how that love divine
Will conquer all the thorns you feel
And help your soul and spirit to heal
Embrace life and play in its garden
And as you heart loosens, not to harden
Ever again, I say from above
You CAN enjoy happiness, my precious love

Copyright © 2000 by Mari

Monday, April 21, 2014

Methuselah (Oh wise and beautiful tree!)

Oh wise and beautiful tree
What wondrous sights you have seen
I wish I could tap into your knowledge
Your eagle eye of the world
Your prophetic embrace would comfort me
and expand my understanding
of a world gone wrong at times

Oh wise and beautiful tree
When did we go astray
I see where the blue meets the blue
When the sun cracks through
and all God’s beauty extends from sea
to shining sea
But something’s happened in between

Oh wise and beautiful tree
Why is there turmoil
in the soil across the land
It grows down the trunks of the pine
like fingers feeling its way through the earth
grabbing and twisting
Choking life

Oh wise and beautiful tree
Where is the faith
And how far is it to it’s well
We need to drink. It is love’s elixir
Love lost is time quenched
The seeds are scattered on the ground
not taking root. Or not germinating… fast enough

Oh wise and beautiful tree
How can we fix this
before it’s too late. Is it too late
Stationary as you might be
The answer must lie somewhere within your tree
As your tender leaf falls into my hand
Is the future simply up to my generation as you say?

© 2014 Mari

Sunday, April 06, 2014

I Love You Though You're Gone

I saw the sadness in your eyes
Is this the part where the hero dies?

I miss you

Is there something that you want to tell me?
What is the other part of the story?

I love you

Tell me the lessons to be learned
Is there any one stone left unturned?
Our love runs deep; I knew from the start
But now we must live our lives far apart

How can you find your true love after he's gone?
It's not fair, tell me am I wrong?

I love you

There is something to tell me? Fine!
You will tell me in due time
There is something I want to say
I miss you... every day

© 2011 Mari

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Moonlight's Dance

Dancing in the moonlight
bathed in its beauty
only we can hear the music
of its celestial glow

The freedom of the moonlight
perpetrates instant
feelings of a euphoric
tantric sensual release

Moonlight snaps, groans
howls and trembles
a visual party of the senses
only chanted from a higher plane

Moonlight laughter heard
by the indigenous milieu
goosebumps cold chills
bliss all felt at the same time


A sigh from the moonlight
She is tired of our worship of her
but we have only quietly begun and
make plans to return to her domain