Sunday, May 26, 2013


She looked through the screen door and admired
the pattern the sunlight made through the trees
on the sprawling pavement
sometimes she saw faces, patterns... WORDS

Outside, she stood beneath the tree,
letting the sunlight tickle her face.
That is how it began.
She found her inspiration in the sunlight.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crescent's Jealousy

oh Crescent
You are not magical and mystical
as my favorite
She is voluptuous, full
and circular like our original shape

She is effervescent and coy
She beckons me to the pool
to look at her reflection
In it I see esteem beauty
playful woes of another day

She loves to instigate
endless peek-a-boo
along Cumulus Row
She leaves me longing
at first blush when her starlit
curtain is drawn

oh Crescent
Your forlorn jealousy
should be stacked, pasted
written on the wind
It is unwarranted yet benign

For you have looked behind yourself
and beheld her
etched kindness
her intimidating haunt and
her incredible gaze
as she dances along the open plain

You long to be something you will never be
most opportune

my favorite