Friday, February 17, 2012

I Wish I Had Time In A Bottle

I do wish I had Time in a bottle
I would let him out every now and then
to redo the things I messed up on
There would never be words like 'the end'

I know it's a selfish thing to do
keeping Time locked up for my use
But precious things leave when unattended
That is what happens when Time is loose

Friday, February 03, 2012

Dear Don Cornelius, You brought me great great joy in my living room with your show that came on each Saturday when I was a kid. I would dance the whole hour. Because of your show, I was blown away with the leader of the Jackson 5 one day when I saw him do the robot to Dancing Machine. We would tune in to your show to not only see the entertainment but to check out the latest funky fashions, dances and hairstyles. That next Monday, we would always talk about what we had seen on your show and where we were going to get those pants that the long haired Asian chick or Jody Whatley had on. You were the hippest trip in America. Love, Peace and Soul. RIP