Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Un-Happy Father's Day

Somebody on FB mentioned that Murray was one of the worst fathers of the year. He can't even pay his child support.

But guess what? His children have a father. They get to call him up today, if they did, if they even cared, and wish him a Happy Father's Day. Is that fair? Hell no!

So one of the worst fathers of the year killed one of the best fathers!

Today I am so sad for the kids. Paris, Prince, Blanket, I am so sad that you don't have ur daddy with u today.

He was one of the best fathers and he loved them with all his heart. All he did, he did for them. He did the best he could do. He was their father and their mother. He loved them, he provided for them, he put away songs in the vault for them, he protected them, he thought the world of them. Like the song said, they were his life. And all he wanted to do was to have them see him perform. Not perform on YouTube or in Captain EO or on the Live in Bucharest DVD. Not on the kitchen table (ha, that kinda made me smile thru my sadness. Can u imagine MJ dancing on the kitchen table, lol, kinda like he did on YRMW on the bar; knocking over bowls and the lettace and the silverware), not dancing in the yard or in the living room... but he wanted for them to see him perform LIVE.

I am so sad I can't wish Michael a Happy Father's Day. To me it's an adjective that doesn't apply.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Meg Whitman

Remember the song by the O'Jays - For the Love of Money?

I just read that Meg Whitman spent $81 million to win a primary in a state with massive financial troubles-- California?

What if Meg Whitman thought it was an ebay auction instead of a political race? I mean, you know how you get wrapped up in those ebay auctions. Before you know it you've spent 81 million dollars.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Name Jacko is Disrespectful

Michael Jackson hated the name Jacko cause it was used as a reference to an ape. How disrespectful is this! I copied this back in January this year from a website - - that is mysteriously no longer a website:

Bigfoot Author Links Bigfoot Racism to Michael Jackson

Social scientist Joshua B. Buhs, author of Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend writes Cryptomundo about a

…connection – tenuous and racist – between Michael Jackson and the world of cryptozoology.
Jackson’s nickname among the tabloids was Jacko (which conveniently rhymed with wacko).

Jacko was also the name of the supposed young Sasquatch caught in 1884.

Is there a link? I suspect so.

Jocko is a common slang for a monkey or ape. Jacko seems to be a corruption of that word. Jacko worked as a name for a Sasquatch because it made clear the thing–whatever it was, whether it existed or not–was supposed to be understood as an ape.

The same subtle allusion is then built into Michael Jackson’s nickname. He’s an ape, and his association with Bubbles only cements that.
~ Joshua B. Buhs, June 27, 2009.
I just found out that my Maytag diswasher is in a recall. And this is not the dishwasher I wanted anyway. I had to pick it cause the homeowner before me decided to put wood floors over linoleum and my beautiful Frigidaire dw (I think it was a Frigidaire, it's been 3 yrs) wouldn't fit. :(

The silverware basket tore up before I had it a year, that pissed me off at first. That should of been a sign.

So does this mean that the Maytag repairman, who never has anything to do, suddenly has a lot of work? LOL, are they still gonna run that commercial?

Here is the link if u have this piece of shit dishwasher (I'm irritated)