Thursday, June 26, 2014


an obtuse purpose
life's conductor
do not cower
in the branches of the cypress
early missteps
of a moccasined soul
no one to extol
No last minute preps

everyone must exit
goods bought at the grocer
by the old grandmother
the parrot, the owlet
the plain figure
from birth to death
vacuum's breath
Eternal pending pasture

© 2001 by Mari

Sunday, June 22, 2014

When 5 Years Equals None

Tears, despair yet love, peace --not fair
In front of red curtains, you were alive
No matter how I calculate
It was yesterday but they tell me it was 5

You slipped away. This is the 5th year
But to me it’s not been that long
I hear your sweet voice in my ear
And when I play your song

You tuck me into bed at night
As I lay my head upon your chest
Sweet dreams fill my head’s voided space
In you I wake up feeling blessed

You catch my tears and wipe them away
When they fall upon my cheek
Someone gone for 5 years
Should not still make me weep

I saw you dancing, laughing the other day
Right in front of my eyes
Surely if you knew you were leaving
You would of said good-byes

I thought I heard you call my name
When I walked among your stars
Your life flashed by in pictures
Your songs whizz by from passing cars

People do your moves but not like you
They give you flowers and say you’re gone
I’ve always said you were a gift from God
A messenger, a virtuoso, the dew in the morn’

Now happy times and thoughts fill my heart
Your pleasant laugh, your sparkle, your humor
Your genius, your dance, your style
To say you’re not on this earth? It must be a rumor

Time is timeless. A measure for things for this earth
We are always keeping track of items, from death to birth
I can’t fathom this; measuring how long you've been gone
In… out, right… wrong, here now, leaving me all alone

Five years? No, don’t say it
Your footprint upon this earth is still fresh
I still hear you sigh. I still hear your finger snaps
I still feel your spirit and mine intermeshed

Like brides in anticipation, we lit our wicks
When we heard you proclaim, “This is it”
But your voice and ours cannot be heard together any more
It all changed; but our beacon remains lit

Because 5 years is not enough time
To separate me from what’s in my heart
Our love, our spiritual love
It will never part

Yet it seems so unfair to have despair
When in front of those red curtains, you were alive
No matter how I calculate
It was yesterday wasn’t it? But they tell me it was 5

© 2014 Mari