Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Quotes

Defy your understanding, dig deeper!

Don't be the obstacle. Be the light on a dark path.

Just because the room is empty, does not mean you are alone.

Kill the ego and its murder will set you free.

You become what you believe.

Your future lies among the cosmos.

You can go somewhere for the first time only once.

We embrace the stars. We embrace the night. Fireflies in jars, their bright glowing light.
The sun rises and spoils our observations.

If you like me, take care of me. Signed, Mother Earth.

I yearn for the dawn while the moon seranades me to sleep.

Speak the truth about everything but do it with tact.

Dilly dally all day by the side of the road. Livid in life if it must be told.
Create the creative see wonders unfold. March among marionettes never grow old.

When you give love, you are in the light.

Beauty is delicious. Ever see a picture perfect apple?

Humor is something that will make you feel good.

Roses are red; so is my heart. Instead of an arrow, you used a dart.

Even if the only rose you can find is one springing from concrete, don't forget to smell it.

Try a new approach. Open the box in the back first.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Do you love yourself?
Do you look in the mirror and smile
Do you hold your head up
Kick back once in a while

Do you check the key to your heart
Is it in a safe place?
Open it up sometimes
Inspect the contents, just in case

Don’t run away from yourself!
Your sweetness is earth’s embrace
Cause when you take time to love you first
Everything else will interlace

Beauty in, beauty out
Don’t put the ME on a shelf!
So once again, I have to ask
Do you love yourself?

copyright © 2010 Mari